The overall aim of EMIF-AD is to build an IF for studies on neurodegeneration in order to discover and validate AD biomarkers for the facilitation of drug development and trial design in predementia AD. Our main objectives are:

  1. To set-up a large data repository of patient data to allow biomarker discovery studies within the EMIF; this will facilitate large-scale biomarker discovery and replication studies.
  2. To link data from research cohorts to electronic health registry data and use to electronic health registry data to define extreme phenotypes.
  3. To discover and validate new biomarkers in plasma, cerebrospinal fluid and using MRI for the diagnosis and prognosis of AD in the presymptomatic and prodromal stage using the extreme phenotype approach.
  4. To identify new potential targets for AD drug development using genomics and proteomics approaches in presymptomatic and prodromal AD.

To test the utility of the new biomarkers for selection of subjects for AD prevention trials; this will give proof-of-concept data on whether the new biomarkers facilitate trial design.

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