As an update as of Thursday 16th March 2017, EMIF now has 300 researchers and/or institutions registered to use the Data Catalogue.

The European Medical Information Framework (EMIF) is delighted to announce that we are extending access to the EMIF Data Catalogue to researchers beyond EMIF within the research community, linked to its mission of improving identification, access and assessment, and (re)use of health data within the European Union.

EMIF is an Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) programme, operating under agreement number 115372, and is in year four of five of its funded phase. More information on EMIF can be found via here.

The Catalogue will allow users to explore the population-based (e.g. Electronic Health Record (EHR)-derived, Regional databases, etc.) and cohort-derived (predominately within Alzheimer’s Disease) data sources who are partners within EMIF and have consented to provide such information for the purposes of bona fide researchers wanting to explore potential data partners for studies. Currently 14 population-based and 46 cohort-based data partners are contained within the Catalogue, from across 14 countries collaborating within EMIF. The Catalogue in its current form provides initial information, but we expect to see further development and expansion of capabilities to assist users to investigate data sources.

This is the first tool of the EMIF platform to have wider access, and in the coming final year we plan to have deployed platforms for researchers to be able to go beyond the Catalogue phase right through suitability evaluation and ultimately conducting studies with data source collaborators.

We would welcome enquiries related to the Catalogue, and indeed any feedback from users following access approval (questions or feedback can be via this site, or from within the Catalogue).

Access to the Catalogue is via the following steps:

  • Please access via this site 
  • When accessing the Catalogue log-in front-end page, please click “Create Account” and follow instructions provided, then Sign In
  • Following Sign In a user will be able to access the EHR-derived and/or cohort-derived communities pending approval by the Community Manager
  • User support is via the left-hand navigation panel, inclusive of a help function

On behalf of EMIF we hope that this wider access to the first tool of the EMIF platform will be a significant asset to the EU research community, and very much look forward to its continued development and use, eventually within a broader research platform and communities.




Prof Simon Lovestone & Bart Vannieuwenhuyse

Oxford University, UK & Janssen Pharma R&D

Coordinators EMIF


Prof Johan Van Der Lei & Nigel Hughes

Erasmus University, The Netherlands & Janssen Pharma R&D

EMIF Platform Coordinators


Prof Pieter Jelle Visser & Johannes Streffer

VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam/Maastricht University & Janssen Pharma R&D

EMIF-AD Coordinators

Isabelle Bos & Stephanie Vos

Maastricht University



POST SCRIPT: This news was also covered by Alzheimer’s Europe, the NGO supporting the issue of Alzheimer’s across Europe, here.