EMIF-AD Project Overview

With multiple clinical trials in dementia failing over the past years, attention has recently shifted to subjects with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) who have not reached the stage of dementia yet (i.e., ‘pre-dementia’). Since these subjects have limited brain damage and are suggested to be more likely responsive to treatment than subjects with full-blown dementia, they are an important target group for future treatment studies.

EMIF-AD Project Objectives

Trial design in pre-dementia AD, however, is challenging because subjects with pre-dementia AD are difficult to identify and limited information is available on their outcome. The lack of reliable diagnostic and prognostic markers for pre-dementia AD can be explained by the availability of only small-scale ongoing biomarker studies and longitudinal cohorts including these subjects. Linking this information via EMIF may unlock the true potential of these studies.





Prof Simon Lovestone, Oxford University

By connecting relevant cohort studies across Europe, EMIF-AD will drive setting up a pan-European new platform for large-scale research on biomarkers and risk factors for neurodegenerative disorders. The biomarker discovery activities envisaged for EMIF-AD will be driven by an extreme phenotype approach, in which decline or biomarker status is used as the end point for biomarker discovery, rather than a clinical diagnosis. Doing so, EMIF-AD aims at developing new treatment targets, multimodality/omics diagnostic tools and qualification level biomarker datasets suitable for presentation to regulatory authorities prior to approval for use in clinical trials and practice.

Finally, development of prediction rules for cognitive decline in presymptomatic and prodromal AD will not only improve clinical diagnosis and prognosis, but equally support subject selection and stratification in future clinical trials. To reach these objectives the EMIF-AD team will combine both large-scale patient cohorts, linkage with EHR data, and cutting edge biomarker discovery expertise.

EMIF-AD Project Achievements